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Evolved Medicine for 21st Century Phys

Our Evolution

"For every drug that benefits a patient, there is a natural substance that can produce the same effect."

* Carl C. Pfeiffer, MD, PhD

Rooted in this adage, the Mensah Research Institute is devoted to exploring the crossover benefits of nutrient therapy, and to exploring other, non-pharmaceutical treatments for disorders of the brain AND of the body.  MRI is an outgrowth of Mensah Medical, an internationally renowned clinic that specializes in the treatment of biochemical imbalances, and the cognitive (and physical) disorders caused by those imbalances.  Mensah Medical treats thousands of patients each year using targeted nutrient therapy, an all-natural, non-pharmaceutical approach to addressing the imbalances that lead to mental and psychological conditions such as ADD/ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, Bi-polar Disorder, Eating Disorders, Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s Disease, and several others.

The Mensah Research Institute conducts, supports, and presents research efforts that provide scientific evidence of the efficacy of targeted nutrient therapy and other natural approaches to improving brain function, and to enhancing and optimizing mind/body health and balance. Recognizing that many Mensah Medical patients utilizing nutrient therapies and other natural protocols to treat mental and psychological concerns often report improvement in their physical and neurological conditions, the researchers at MRI continue to expand the boundaries of nutrient therapy, with the hope of identifying natural pathways to eradicating breast cancer and other cancers, auto-immune diseases, and several other body disorders.  Our goal at the Mensah Research Institute is to explore, and eventually treat, the total human condition. 



The Mensah Research Institute staff and Board of Directors consist of professionals, doctors, scientists, and academicians with years of research, teaching, and medical practice experience.  Everyone at MRI is dedicated to the discovery of new and exciting advancements in natural treatment for the mind and body, and to research that demonstrates the efficacy of those treatments.



Research conducted at the Mensah Research Institute is focused on far more than just demonstrating that targeted nutrient therapy works.  We are interested in exploring the mind and body at the molecular level, identifying the root causes of disorders  and developing and testing natural protocols for addressing those root causes.  MRI research looks to make molecular and biochemical balance a possibility for everyone.



Your generous donations make the Mensah Research Institute possible.  Funds raised by MRI support the development of cutting edge research on natural, molecular-based treatments for mental and psychological concerns, as well as the exploration of other, non-pharmaceutical protocols for achieving mind/body balance and optimum health and performance.  Your donations also help us make targeted nutrient therapy and other natural treatments available to patients who might not be able to afford such treatments otherwise.  Donate today!


Dr. William Walsh, Maryam Tafreshi, Deb Tokarz, Dr. Judith Bowman, and Dr. Albert Mensah on panel

Thanks to everyone who presented, sponsored, donated, and/or attended our first annual Mensah Research Institute Conference, held on September 25th, 2019 in Woodridge, IL.  Attendees heard from industry pioneers and leaders on cutting edge treatments for mental and psychological health concerns.  Plans are already in the works for an even larger and more comprehensive conference in 2020.  Visit the Conference page for images and more from the conference, and see our Donate page for a listing of our generous sponsors and supporters.

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